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LIVE:  Price Action Setups ANY Beginner 
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 FREE: Monday July 8th - Friday July 12th @ 2pm EST

Live Cash Flow Trading - 90 Minutes A Day

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Each day, we'll share our most powerful, 
yet simple $5K+/month strategies designed to help traders at all levels... even those with small accounts... cash flow their trading (even if you're starting at zero).

[DAY 1] Kyle & Rick

Starting Line:  Zero > Cash Flow

All the resources you need to START... and then ACCELERATE... your path to $5K+/month.

  • Everthing you'll need to have... to begin generating cash flow (and why it's not your fault that you haven't seen the results you deserve).
  •  SIMPLE SCALPING NQ, ES, YM using supply and demand zones with price action for 'in and get the heck out' trades for ANY LEVEL.
  • 3 'Must Have' Tools every trader needs to make spotting runners a reality... without having to look over your shoulder for account-crushing reversals.
  • BONUS 1:  The 'Cash Flow Jump'. 5 ESSENTIALS you need to begin your cash flow journey, or claw back losses from past failed attempts that hunt millions.

Note:  This is also the perfect RESET for traders at all levels... who have tried and failed... or are not seeing the results they deserve.

[DAY 2] with Kyle & Rick

Two 'Coffee & Cash' Trades

Proven 'rinse & repeat' cash flow setups you can spot every morning before your coffee gets cold.

  • How to spot smart money in action, and quietly nab steady cash flow trades while the massive institutions obliviously fight over price.
  • Why you only need two simple lines... that won't cost you a dime... to spot massive profit swings all before 9:30 in the morning.
  • BONUS 2:  The 'Laws' Of Profits. How the markets really work - and why regular, everyday newbies yank cash out without needing fancy software. 

By the time you leave, spotting potential cash flow trades... in any market you look at... should be quick, effortless and FUN.

[DAY 3] with Kyle & Josh

'Lock & Load' Levels For Profit

How to instantly reveal entry points in a matter of seconds with one FREE tool.

  • A simple, yet AGELESS tool that reveals sequential entry points traders can steal to lock in entries with a precise mathematical edge.
  • How to make market conditions, volatility... even RISK... your 'business partners' in generating steady... even OUTSIZED results.
  • BONUS 3:  Scaling For Life. How to scale even the smallest of accounts into juggernauts that have the potential to compound for years to come. 

Replace the costly trial-and-error that shipwrecks most traders before they even begin... simply by using these tools (and copying these payout strategies).

[DAY 4] with Rick & Josh

Planning For Profits Punch List

How to make these strategies YOUR OWN... without having to spend a dime.

  • A simple price action secret that combines 2 or more strategies for the most explosive profit potential. 
  • The rapid scaling methods (simple enough even a 5th grader could execute) that put your mind at ease you'll be able to 10X without complexity.
  • BONUS 4:  Vital Rules Of Risk. Critical risk management techniques to keep as much of your precious trading capital where it belongs - working for you.

By the end of Day 4 the major components of your cash flow system will be ready... except for ONE. (Friday's Bonus Gift.)

[DAY 5] with Josh

BONUS Trade:  Golden Cross 

A NEW way to save time and money, simply by adding 3 magnetic price action lines to your chart.

  • How 3 simple lines can change your trading forever... starting with one 'magnetic price action line' that 4,888 traders (and counting) have made 'home' for price action profit entries.  
  • Ensuring you know all the price action entry triggers for each of the 4 trade setups. So you’re crystal clear on how to trade each one your next session.
  • Plus… some really great bonuses to let the 6 trade setups embed their good, high-profit trading habits deep into your brain. For much more efficient and happy trading every time you flip on your charts.

In short, we are going to ensure that you understand exactly how to put all the pieces together for each cash flow setup. So that no matter where you are in your trading you know how to successfully trade them in your favorite markets. Plus give you a secret bonus tool, just because you're awesome.

Workshop Schedule

Monday, July 8th

2:00 PM Eastern | 11:00 AM Pacific

Starting Line: Zero > Cash Flow (with Kyle & Rick):

All the resources you need to START... and then ACCELERATE...
your path to $5K+/month.

Tuesday, July 9th

2:00 PM Eastern | 11:00 AM Pacific

Two 'Coffee & Cash' Trades (with Kyle & Rick):
Proven 'rinse & repeat' cash flow setups you can spot every morning before your coffee gets cold.

Wednesday, July 10th

2:00 PM Eastern | 11:00 AM Pacific

'Lock & Load' Levels For Profit (with Kyle & Josh):
How to instantly reveal entry points in a matter of seconds

with one FREE tool.

Thursday, July 11th

2:00 PM Eastern | 11:00 AM Pacific

Planning For Profits Action Plan (with Rick & Josh):
How to make these strategies YOUR OWN...

without having to spend a dime.

Friday, July 12th

10:00 AM Eastern | 7:00 AM Pacific

BONUS Trade: Golden Cross (with Josh)

A NEW way to save time and money, simply by adding 3 magnetic price action lines to your chart.

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Monday, July 8th 2:00PM EST 
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