Futures Trading Competition



Final Standings
Futures Day Trading Competition Prices


  1. ALL Accounts must be "RESET" on 09/21 before 12:01 AM EST (as discussed in the Mandatory LIVE ZOOM call). All Accounts that do not RESET, can't be inlcuded in the Competition.
  2. Trades between 09.21. 12:01 AM EST and 10.14. 5:00 PM EST will be counted towards your competition results. 
  3. Stay inside your risk and rules. 
  4. If you violate any risk rule, your account will automatically be terminated.
  5. If your account is terminated you are able to RESET the account and start over. 
  6. You can reset your account up to 5 times. Everyone who resets the account more than 5 times, will be disqualified from the competition. 
  7. The trader who made the biggest net profit without violating the rules on Friday 10.14 at 5:00 PM EST will be declared WINNER


It is expected that you will see design tweaks on the Funding Dashboard throughout the competition. Furthermore, there might be delays in updating trades on the Funding Dashboard. Rest assured, all trades you take on your assigned account starting 09.21 after 12:01 AM EST will be counted towards the competition.

Please direct any support questions to: [email protected] (please do NOT send any support requested to Ninjacators support).

We like to keep in touch with all contestants throughout the competition, therefor we scheduled 4 LIVE Webinars every contestant can join (You only need to register for the first event and will be automatically registered for ALL other events):

Wednesday, 09.21. at 2 PM EST

Wednesday, 09.28. at 2 PM EST  

Wednesday, 10.05. at 2 PM EST

Wednesday, 10.12. at 2 PM EST

Friday, 10.14. at 5.30 PM EST - ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNERS