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"How Would You Like Our 5 Best Fully Automated Starter Bots... That Would've Made You $703,045 The Last Twelve Yrs... Trading Just 1 Contract?"

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Normally, you'd have to pay us at least $25,000 to code 5 algo-bots that can deliver these kinds of results. But because you attended the 3-Part-Mini-Class — you won't have to! 

See this daily net profit distribution graph?

That’s the $703,045 in net profits our 'Fantastic 5' starter Algo-Bots would have made you over the past 12 years...

Trading just 1 contract in the ES and NQ!

Thanks to each algo-bot's uniquely coded, 10-yr backtested & optimized trading edge.

That makes each of them an all-star trader on its own. And a dream teamer when you pair them together, or trade them all at once.

Wanna see each algo-bot's unique money-making superpower? (just click their pic)

Click each algo-bot's pic to see its avg. profit/trade and unique trading edge superpower.


These guys are way too modest to even humble-brag about this to you...

But over the last twelve years...

They Would've Also Made You $1,740,936 Trading Just 3 Contracts! 

Rest assured...

There's no way any of The Fantastic 5 Algo-Bots...

Would ever expect you to blindly trust them to make that kind of money for you too.

Without you first seeing each of their 10-year track records below.

So you can draw your own conclusions. 

On how you can trust them -- to consistently produce real-world results nearly identical to your own backtests with them. 

Regardless if you're having them trade a $1,000 or $10,000+ real money account.

In the S&P 500/ES, or NASDAQ/NQ and micros. With 1, 2, or 3 full-size contracts. Or even 10, 20, 30 micros.

Which means...

You can safely expect these kinds of win rates, drawdowns and results -- when you trade them together -- in what we call 'The Fantastic 5 Portfolio'...

You can expect these kinds of results -- when you trade Trade Stalker by itself:

These impressive results -- when you trade Low Volatility Rider by itself:

These effortless results -- when you trade Straight No Chaser by itself:

These reliable results -- when you trade Back From The Future by itself:

And you can expect these consistent results -- when you trade Chaos Theory by itself:

That Sure Beats Trying To Get Rich With A Single Robot -- You Can't Even Backtest!

Let's face it...

If you're reading this...

You're still looking for a way to make consistent profits with fully automated day trading systems, right?


You may have even bought one of those 'holy grail' robots before -- that promises:

  • You'll always win every day
  • You'll have little to no drawdowns
  • You'll stay consistently profitable, without knowing, or being able to backtest its trading edge for your favorite markets
  • You'll never have to protect yourself against changing market conditions
  • You'll get rich in a matter of days or weeks, even with a tiny account

... Only to discover the real truth:

About Single Holy Grail robots vs... the power of you commanding multiple, proven robots. That you can actually backtest, optimize, and mix and match any way you want.

Which means:

If you really want the quickest, easiest, plug & trade way to get started with fully automated day trading systems...

There's really only one question you need to ask...

Don't You Deserve To Have Fully Automated Algo-Bots You Can Trust To
Win With... Your Way?

Normally, you'd have to pay us at least $25,000 to code 5 algo-bots that can deliver these kinds of results. But because you attended our algo-bot masterclass — you won't have to!

We think so...

And certainly hope you do too!

That's why:

Each of these fully automated Algo-Bots has a proven 10-year trading edge. With real-world results you can expect to be nearly identical to your backtest.

That you can trade alone...

Or pair together in any combination you want. 

In the S&P 500/ES, or NASDAQ/NQ -- including MICROS. 


Every algo-bot is plug & trade ready. With all stops and targets automatically placed for you. Along with our innovative 'Step-in-and-Trade' technology for even more peace of mind. 

So at any point of your Algo-Bots trading session...

You can cut your losses even faster. And let your winners ride even longer. With just a simple click that puts you in full control.

Each one of your 'Fantastic 5' Algo-Bots comes with:  

  • Newbie-proof, step-by-step videos to start trading in the S&P 500/NASDAQ & Micros
  • Real market examples of how to dial in the settings to avoid common blunders
  • Idiot-proof ways to see similar results we get, in your first dozen trades
  • Expert guidance with examples on how to step in and manually trade at any point
  • Unlimited VIP email support to answer any questions fast
  • Complete control to step in and manually trade at any time!

Here's Everything You'll Get:

That's why...

No matter if you're running one (or all 5) of these fully automated Algo-Bots in the S&P 500/ES, NASDAQ/NQ and micro markets...

It's Never Been Easier To Double, Even Triple Your Account On Near Auto-Pilot!

WATCH:  How no matter if you have a $1K or $10K+ account, all 5 algo-bots are plug & trade ready with your desktop machine!

As soon as you place your order...

You'll get instant access to the private members area. 


Just load them into NinjaTrader®, connect your broker and watch the short, step-by-step quick start videos.

And start trading with each algo-bots' plug & trade settings. Or customize and optimize them even further. 

We highly recommend you backtest each algo-bot on your own. To gain immediate confidence in each algo-bot's trading edge and drawdowns, for your account size. 

Then, sim trade your algo-bots in Micros. Before moving to real money.

This way you'll have full confidence to let them farm profits for you -- while you make your other trades. Or just watch over them and hop in for the thrill of landing the big winners! 

Either way...

You Don't Need Special Skills Or A Big Account To Do This!


It doesn't even matter if... you're brand new to day trading, futures, and fully automated algo-bots. With as little as a $1K account. Any of the algo-bots can start making you consistent money in Micros.

It doesn't matter if... you've lost money with algo-bots in the past. Each of these algo-bots has a proven 10-year trading edge. That we trade with every day too!

And it doesn't even matter if... you only want to use 1 or 2 of the algo-bots to reach your goals fast. (You can test the others in your practice account. Or with MICROS until you're ready to pair them and scale results.)

Which means:

You're only limited by your imagination.

... To geek out and tinker with the exponential profit potential of fully automated day trading -- without ever having to code anything. 

... Run backtests on each of our 5 fully automated algo-bots strategies to compare with yours (or use as a benchmark for developing your own).

... And explore even more advanced fully automated day trading system ideas -- like trading different pairs as a hedge against your normal trades.  

With our team here to help you every step of the way.

Want to put them to work for you too?

Normally We Charge $25,000 For 'The Fantastic Five' Algo Bots... Where Using Just ONE Can Make You An Extra $177,534!

But since you attended our algo-bots Video Mini-Class...

You won't have to pay the $5,000 per proven algo-bot everyone else has...

To be one hundred thousand dollars richer by this time next year.

So here's what I'm going to do for you today...

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I'll add all 5 Fully Automated Algo-Bots with the step-by-step videos and unlimited VIP email support... for 1 easy payment of just...


That's an unheard-of... 94% savings right now.

There is a big catch:

This deal is only available for a very limited time, so you need to click the button below to add it to your order...

This deal is only available right now, so you need to click the button below to add it to your order...

If you decline this offer, this deal disappears forever. And you will not be able to get access to it later on at this price.

So go ahead, click the yellow "Claim My Video Class Deal" button below right now.

You'll receive INSTANT ACCESS to everything on this page once we finish processing your order...

... So you can start using them soon as your next session.

But remember --- this is a special one-time offer available --- so if you decline this, it's gone forever soon.

I have no doubt...

That a few weeks from now, when you've had the chance to play with and trade these 5 fully automated algo-bots --- you'll look back on this moment...

And be thankful that you clicked the yellow button to get started below.

Try It Now With 100% Risk-Free
Peace Of Mind!

Because, just like they have for the past 12 years…

Any trader (even newbies) can simply plug any of them in and expect:

  • The Trade Stalker Algo-Bot to make an extra $115,872 trading just 1 E-mini contract
  • The Low Volatility Rider Algo-Bot to make $123,998 trading just 1 E-mini contract
  • The Straight No Chaser Algo-Bot to make $162,057 trading just 1 E-mini contract
  • The Back From The Future Algo-Bot to make $123,584 trading just 1 E-mini contract 
  • And The Chaos Theory Algo-Bot to make $177,534 trading just 1 E-mini contract

I've shown you how the 'Fantastic 5 Algo-Bots' work for us...

And how they will work for you too.

You know that with the 30-Day Love It Or Replace It Guarantee, you are 100% protected and safe.

And you won’t be alone -- I’m going to hold your hand every step of the way and walk you through this process.

So go ahead and get started now... you'll get instant access.

I'm excited for you!

And I'm looking forward to helping you succeed with the Fantastic 5 Algo-Bots :)

All the best,


The #1 seller of NinjaTrader® indicators on the planet.

  • Is there a guarantee?

Yep. We’re happy to take all the risk so you can try it with 100% peace of mind. Place your order and get instant access to all 5 uncorrelated algo-bots. If for any reason, or for no reason at all, you are not completely satisfied after 30 days -- just send an email to our friendly customer service ninjas. And we'll replace it with something you do love. No questions asked. No hassles or forms to fill out. No problems at all.

  • Can I buy just one of the 'Fantastic 5' Algo-Robots?

No. Never. However, you can trade any of the 'Fantastic 5' Algo-Bots by itself. Or slash your drawdowns further and boost overall profits even more by trading them together.

  • What markets do the 'Fantastic 5' Algo-Bots work best in?

The Fantastic 5 Algo-Bots are designed to work in the: S&P 500/ES, Micro ES, NASDAQ/NQ, Micro NQ only.

  • What can I backtest and optimize with the algo-bots?

Everything! Including an entire portfolio of all 5 algo-bots if you want. No one else gives you this power. So you can trust your real-world results will be nearly identical to your backtests. 

  • Can I use the 'Fantastic 5' Algo-Bots to trade stocks and Forex?

No. All the algo-bots work only for futures day trading. However, they’re so easy to use we’ve had several stock and Forex traders start trading futures. Without any experience.

  • Is it possible to have the robots trade a long & short position at the same time?

Yes it is. Unlike a hedge (which is illegal), NinjaTrader® views simultaneous long and short trades in a market on a portfolio level as one position. Another workaround we’ll teach you is to use a different uncorrelated algo-bot with an offsetting edge. Either way, your broker will be thrilled you’re smartly limiting your risk.

  • Do I need to know how to code to use the 'Fantastic 5' Algo-Bots?

No. Never. Everything is plug-and-trade easy. Even backtesting and optimizing your algo-bots portfolios can be done in just a handful of clicks.  Which we’ll teach you to do like a pro. 

  • Do I need to have a special computer?

As long as you have a dedicated desktop trading machine to NinaTrader® 8, you should be good to go. If you want further guidance on this, be sure to ask during your WHITE GLOVE install call. So you can rest easy you have the right setup for you.

  • Are there any recurring (or hidden) costs for the 5 Algo-Bots?

None. Ever. Once you buy The 'Fantastic 5' Algo-Bots you're getting a LIFETIME license for each one. Which is another reason why we recommend you take advantage of today's one-time offer to get all 5 for only $1497. Before you have to pay $25,000 like everyone else later.

  • Is there a payment plan?

If you want to split payment of your 'Fantastic 5' Algo-Bots deal across 2 or more credit cards, please call or email our friendly customer support team and we’ll take care of you ASAP. 

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