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Download your FREE Indicator for the NinjaTrader® 8 Platform

FREE Indicator: Dow Theory Indicator

  • Quickly Identify the trend in any market or timeframe
  • Helpful in determining the correct strategy to use for the current market conditions
  • Can be customized for high and low sensitivity based on your market
  • Perfect tool to supplement and amplify an existing trading system

Download your FREE Indicator for the NinjaTrader® 8 Platform

FREE Indicator: Shortcut Toolbar

  • The Shortcut Toolbar Indicator by Ninjacators offers streamlined access to essential trading tools and functions.
  • Optimized for efficiency, it eliminates unnecessary clicks and navigation, speeding up your trading actions.
  • Easily customizable, the toolbar allows traders to prioritize and organize their most-used tools for quicker access.
  • Designed specifically for the NinjaTrader platform, this tool enhances user experience, making trading more intuitive and responsive.

Download your FREE Indicator for the NinjaTrader® 8 Platform

FREE Indicator: Smart ADX Indicator

  • The Smart ADX provides enhanced features beyond the traditional Average Directional Index, offering unique insights into trend strength and market movement.
  • Traditional ADX values range from 0 to 100, with readings below 20 indicating weak trends and above 40 indicating strong trends.
  • The Smart ADX simplifies interpretation by categorizing the market into trending, non-trending, or end-of-trend phases using a proprietary calculation.
  • Swiftly gauge the market's state with color-coded references: Blue for trending, Orange for non-trending, and Violet for end of trend.

Download your FREE Indicator for the NinjaTrader® 8 Platform

FREE Indicator: Period Bars Indicator

  • Period bars offer a streamlined view of the highs, lows, and net changes of any chosen configurable period directly on your chart.
  • The color-coded system, using green and red, instantly indicates positive or negative changes during the period.
  • Customize your view by defining how many regular price bars should be encompassed within a single period bar, offering versatility in market analysis.
  • Whether analyzing 10-minute or 15-minute charts, or any other timeframe, adjusting values in the indicator settings allows for tailored representation, enhancing market perspective.

Download your FREE Indicator for the NinjaTrader® 8 Platform

FREE Indicator: Price Marker Indicator

  • The Price Marker indicator streamlines the process of identifying the current price in relation to past prices, eliminating time-consuming tasks.
  • Essential for level-based traders, it aids in swiftly determining if the current price aligns with a previous pivot point.
  • Visualize the current price effortlessly with a continuous line on your chart, enhancing clarity on its position to significant market turning points.
  • Customize the line's appearance, including color, length, and width, by easily accessing the indicator settings via a right-click on your chart.

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