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NJC Fast Track Membership

Explore the Ninjacators Fast Track Membership, valued at over $182,000. This all-in-one package offers Pro Series tools, Turn-Key Strategies, On-Demand Courses, and more for the serious trader. With added bonuses like a 30-day TradeFundrr Account, it’s designed to fast-track your trading success. Join now and elevate your game!

Asset Class
Trading Style
Day TradingInvestingScalpingSwing Trading
Analysis Method
MomentumOrder FlowPrice ActionSupport and ResistanceTrend/Counter-TrendVolatility

Why you'll love Our NJC Fast Track Membership..

Introducing our Ninjacators Frast Track Membership, a one-stop solution for all your trading needs, carefully designed for serious traders aiming to elevate their game. With an incredible assortment of resources, this package is valued at over $182,000 and here's what you'll get:

  • 16 Pro Series: Master the art of trading with these highly professional tools and methodologies aimed at experienced traders. Every aspect is engineered to make you a pro. (Value: $25,952)
  • 12 Turn-Key Strategies: Ready to implement strategies that take the guesswork out of trading. Start immediately and see the difference. (Value: $10,316)
  • 10 Quick Strikes: Responsive and agile, these strikes provide you with the ability to act on market changes swiftly. (Value: $14,970)
  • 400+ Single Indicators: An unprecedented collection of indicators to assist you in every possible scenario, offering a value-driven approach to your trading game. (Value: $118,800+)
  • 33 On-Demand Courses: Educate yourself with our exclusive courses available at your convenience. It's never been easier to learn from the experts. (Value: $1,231)
  • 16 Recorded Workshops: Gain insights from the professionals with access to recorded workshops, allowing you to learn at your own pace. (Value: $3,152)
  • Ninjacators LIVE:
    SEE HOW: Profitable Power Users of Ninjacators Products Trade Live Sessions. Gain real-time insights. (Value: $999/yr)
    SEE OUR: Certified Ninjacators Trader Ambassadors Qualify for Live Prop Funding. Enhance your qualifications. (Value: $999/yr)
    SPECIAL: Trader Ambassadors Classes & Workshops. Learn directly from our top ambassadors. (Value: $999/yr)
  • BONUS: 30 Days of Any TradeFundrr Account of Your Choice. The perfect compliment to your trading tools, this account will provide you with additional support and resources. (Value: $3,600/yr)

Our Fast Track Membership is more than just a product; it's a comprehensive toolkit built with passion, knowledge, and the drive to make you successful in the trading world. Empower yourself with our all-in-one trading solution and take your first step towards trading mastery today!

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