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Blackbeard PRO Day Trading Algo-Bots

Introducing Blackbeard Pro Day Trading Algo Bots – Your Ultimate Weapon for Conquering Futures Trading!

Are you tired of the unpredictability of manual trading? Say goodbye to constant losses and hello to consistent wins with our revolutionary day raiding algo bots. With Blackbeard Pro, you’ll experience the thrill of predictive algo-bot day trading like never before.

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How 4 Super-Smart Day Raiding Algo-Bots Can 
Make Futures Trading Finally Work For You!

See for yourself how much simpler (and fun) predictive algo-bot day raiding is
than manual trading. And how anyone can use their bots to instantly experience
a lot less losing and far more winning every day!

Here is what you are going to get when you sign-up for Blackbeard Pro Day Trading Algo Bots today…

Blackbeard’s Market Raiding Plan Toolkit With Real-Time Self-Optimization

Blackbeard’s Market Raiding Plan Toolkit With Real-Time Self-Optimization  

$100,000/year value

Includes groundbreaking daily market raiding plan technology.
That imbeds a real-time self optimizing market treasure map on your charts. For your bot’s and you to follow.

As well as 4 Self Optimizing Algo-Bot’s For Fully Automated Trend-, Range- & Scalping Day Trades. With the power and flexibility to even have your algobot’s day trade multiple markets at the same time.

So you can let the algo-bot’s proven 5 year trading edge help you achieve any level of day trading success you want in the ES/MES, NQ/MNQ, YM/MYM, CL/MCL, GC/MGC.

Daily Raiding Crew Builder + Magic Position Sizing Calculator

Daily Raiding Crew Builder + Magic Position Sizing Calculator 

$9,000 value 

Quickly & easily solves the #1 problem of day traders: Position Sizing. With two powerful tools to ensure you have the correct bot settings — And number of contracts — To maximize your daily results, while protecting your capital.

This is why we say “All Raids Are Won Before They Start”.

Because the more consistently you use the right number of contracts for your sizing — The more consistent profits your algo-bot crew will haul in every day.

Edge Shield

Edge Shield

$12,000/year value 

Most manual traders think their setups give them a trading edge. Sadly, they don’t. Because it takes relentless determination and significant computing power to ensure your edge stays sharp.

That’s why we run 5 servers 24/7 for the real-time market treasure map and your algo-bot’s. Where once per month we’ll send you a one-click template that will update everything for you automatically.

For the ultimate peace of mind.

Weekly Live Jumpstart Class

Weekly Live Jumpstart Class 

$997/year value 

Your quick & easy way to learn how to use the Blackbeard Day Trading Algo-Bot’s LIVE together with us. No matter if you have used fully-automated day trading systems before or you are brand new to automated day trading.

Together, we’ll examine the daily market raiding treasure map, each of the algo-bo’s settings and the crew builder and position sizer.
So you can see how anyone of any skill level can experience success as quickly as humanly possible.

You also get weekly power practice sessions. A safe place where you can quickly learn to set up your bot’s and contract sizes. And then watch them trade in simulation while we comment on how they’re interacting with the treasure map and the market moves.

Without ever risking your real money.

2 Live Algo Day Raiding Session Per Week

2 Live Algo Day Raiding Session Per Week 

$2,997/year value 

Let’s plunder the markets together. In live interactive sessions you can follow us day raid multiple markets simultaneously, using a variety of different crew selections.

Bonus #1 Day Raiding Bot Creation Lab

Bonus #1:

Day Raiding Bot
Creation Lab 

$15,000/year value 

Watch and learn as we go deep into creating and backtesting new day raiding bots together — That you’ll get to keep.

Blackbeard’s Crowsnest

Bonus #2:



A unique powerful way to boost your results learning from the mistakes and successes of others.

Monthly Algo-Bot Day Raiding Contests

Bonus #3:

Monthly Algo-Bot Day
Raiding Contests 

$156,00/year value

$10,000 cash prizes every month plus monthly grand price trading computer give away.

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