CBOE Volatility Index Trading for E-Mini & Micro Charts

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Now you can trade volatility in perfect sync with the true market in real time. Gain an advantage with the world’s most trusted fear and greed setups from the CBOE’s volatility index auto-plotted directly on any chart and timeframe you want . . .

  • Pinpoint unbeatable trade locations including continuations, reversals, etc. with our smarter algorithm
  • Reveal 5:1 reward to risk ratio targets  with adjustable pre-set targets
  • Get the   exact  strategies and settings you need to end chronic stop outs,  even in the wildest volatility
  • Time entries and exits without leaving profits on the table with candles (and colors) that mirror the “true market” VIX index so you never miss a beat

Up until now there hasn’t been a good way to turn VIX setups into a trading edge on NinjaTrader, especially in volatility. The VIX Volatility Trader is the only VIX index tool that does it for you. It’s your ultimate key to calmly claiming success from today’s epic volatility.


  • Calm in the Frenzy
    Easily spot E-mini & micro trades with a 5:1 reward to risk ratio even in unpredictable markets.
  • Zero Learning Curve
    Score huge as soon as your very next session even with no experience in VIX.
  • Don’t Disrupt Your Groove
    Add this volatility indicator to what you’re already rocking and watch the profits multiply.

Here’s What You Need to Master Today’s Epic Volatility

The VIX Volatility Trader shows you exact settings and strategies to cash in on once-in-a-lifetime volatility including entries and exits, placing stops, even scaling to bigger positions if you want.

A revolutionary set of CBOE volatility index tools plus all the details to get you started fast and claiming profits right out of the shoot.

VIX Volatility Tool Suite & Top 3 Strategies


The only volatility tools for futures day traders that plots VIX index setups directly on any E-mini or micro chart to calmly cash in on today’s epic volatility.

Extreme Volatility Spikes Tool Suite


The only tool suite ever on NinjaTrader to show you how to capture monster profits when volatility spikes without having to bet the house.

VIX Volatility Setups & Strategies Videos


Short, powerful videos that give you the exact settings and strategies that target 5:1 reward to risk trades in all 4 E-mini and micro markets.

PDF Quick Start Guides


Skip the learning curve with frame-by-frame guides to load the tool and get you making your first VIX volatility trade fast without messing up what you already do now.

Bonus: 3 Non-Correlated Setups


When the VIX produces opportunities, so do the Gold, Dollar Index, and German Bonds (but in the opposite direction). Add these additional setups effortlessly.

Fear Gauge Setups So Good You’ll Never Look Back


With these VIX index setups you’ll never run out of remarkable E-mini and micro setups. You can let the profits roll in all day, every day. Here’s how they’ll rock your world.

Calmly claim once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for 200, 400, or even 1000 tick gains day after day with VIX setups for E-mini and micro charts. 

See True Beginnings or Ends of a Hot Trade At-a-Glance


The candles and candle colors mirror the CBOE volatility index so you can safely scale and trade in visual sync with true market volatility.

You’ll Never Have to Micromanage Your Trades


VIX Volatility Trader allows you to catch a trend super early and in a matter of an hour or two get a 200, 400, or even 1000 tick gain to double or triple your daily profits.

Consistent, Mind-Blowing Opportunities


Big continuation and reversal trades aren’t rare occurrences you have to wait around for. You won’t run out of opportunities with VIX index setups technology.

Never Traded VIX? No Problem


It doesn’t matter if you’ve never even heard of VIX cause you’ll never have to trade the VIX itself. These powerful volatility setups guide you on any E-mini or micro market chart in any time frame.

You’ll Be a Volatility Ninja


Know which support and resistance levels to trust or avoid. End stop-out losses. Calmly weather the spikes and dives of a volatile market and come out with double the daily profits of what you’re doing right now.

Secrets & Strategies to Max VIX Volatility Index Success

Having the right tools is great, but knowing how to use them ensures you get the most from your efforts. These tested strategies give you the details you need so you can revolutionize your volatility game.

Effortlessly claim more big opportunities with alerts on extreme volatility spikes.

3 Carefully Guarded Setups


Get exact settings and strategies for all 4 E-mini and micro markets so you never have to wonder if you have the setup for at least 5:1 reward to risk ratios.

Master Breakouts, Reversals, Pullbacks


Learn where to place stops, enter or exit the market, safely lock in profits, and scale your position so you can trade and fade each setup with supreme confidence.

High Volatility = Bigger Opportunities


Extreme volatility spikes present massive profits. Spotting them is easy as pie with the Extreme Volatility Spikes Tool Suite. Expect a couple of alerts on these giant spikes a week.

Apply Setups to 3 More Markets


What happens in one market affects others. Use the same principles in 3 more markets without having to experiment on your own and risk account blowout.

How Fast Do You Want to Reach (or blow by) Your Trading Targets?

This never-before-seen way to trade will alter the way you work in volatile markets forever. Take the bull by the horns and start plotting massive opportunities right to your E-mini and micro charts right now!


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