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S&P 500 / ES Quick Strike

Enhance your trading sessions with the S&P 500 / ES Quick Strike program. Utilize the “Z” pattern tools to limit stops to 4-6 ticks, avoiding risky 10-15 tick stops.

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Day TradingScalpingSwing Trading
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  • Z-Pattern Target Visualizer: Automatically plots trade entries and runner setups.
  • Z-Pattern Execution Tool: Manual and automated entry methods via NinjaTrader®’s ATM.
  • Multi-Timeframe Trend Detector: Provides overall market bias for confident trading.
  • Step-by-Step Videos: Learn and implement runner strategies for managing positions.
  • ATM Crash Course: Automate trade entries and exits for efficiency.
  • Bonus Courses: Trade micro contracts and swing trade S&P 500 futures and ETFs

Disclaimer: Trading involves significant risk. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Use risk capital only. Review full risk disclosure on our site.

Risk Disclaimer: Full Risk Disclosure

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