Chart Market Depth

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Supply and Demand is driving the market and it is crucial to not only know which side of the market is dominating the other, but also to know which particular price is dominated by one or the other side.

The Chart Market Depth indicator will plot a complete market depth histogram of the current Order Book in real time directly on your trading charts to show you the exact BID/ASK on every single price.

Asset Class: Futures
Trading Style:
Analysis Method: Volume

Other than in DOM or price leader, the Chart Market Depth indicator will display all BID/ASK information unfiltered and without limitation directly on your chart. It will allow you to see more than just the default 5 levels as it uses all exchange provided information. For some markets this is 20 levels of BID and 20 levels of ASK for a total Chart Market Depth of 40 Levels!

Know exactly where huge volumes of buyers and sellers are waiting to enter the market, and use this information to position yourself on the right side.

This convenient and easy-to-use indicator is a dream for everybody who trades directly from the chart. It will help you to visualize the best spots for your entries and your exits.

The Chart Market Depth works in conjunction with the Chart Trader for an ultimate visual chart trading experience no matter if you trade Futures or Stocks markets.

The Chart Market Depth indicator is NinjaScript-ready and can be incorporated into a robust automated strategy.


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