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Chart Market Depth

SuperDOM Comes into Focus with Indicator for NinjaTrader

Visualize SuperDOM Data Right on Your Chart for a Deeper Dive into the Stock Day Trading Market

SuperDOM data made visual gives you a deeper understanding of the market for bigger, smarter profits.

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Asset Class
Trading Style
Day TradingScalping
Analysis Method

Why you'll love Chart Market Depth Indicator...

Visualized data from the SuperDOM right on your chart helps you understand the market at a deeper level and helps you make the trades that bring the real profits.

The Chart Market Depth Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • See a graphical representation of the SuperDOM on the chart so you can see in-depth data about what’s going on in the market and make more precise trades
  • Enhance the SuperDOM info with up to 20 levels on the bid/ask (instead of the 5 you usually get) for more opportunities, more profits, and more focused strategy
  • Make SuperDOM more accessible and usable with at-a-glance data all in one place
  • Use on any chart, timeframe, or market for a broader strategy and wider profit range
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Start making SuperDOM an everyday part of your charts for a deeper understanding of the market that will give your profits a boost.

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