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Multi Consolidation MA Zone

In trading there are multiple challenges to master. One of the most important ones is to know when to trade and when not to trade. But how is it possible to define the right moment or environment to enter a trade? The answer is: It is impossible to know all possible scenarios before entering the trade but there are some main factors which can help you diversifying opportunities.

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The Consolidation MA Zone Alert Indicator allows you to find prime trade opportunities by detecting the sweet spot in the overall volatility environment. In not only plots volatility consolidation areas directly on your chart but is also uses up to 10 different Moving Average studies to qualify the consolidation zone and to give you an overall market direction.

The prime trade location paired with the directional market component will allow you to initiate you trade with a favorable risk reward ratio. This kind of trade locations are also known as sweet spots.

Don’t wait and start taking advantage of this great indicator in your Day-Swing and Position trades.

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