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Custom Bollinger Bands

Custom Bollinger Bands Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Finds Options Swing Trading Breakouts Using Moving Averages

Standard Deviation for Finding Opportunities that Bring Bigger Profits

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Why you'll love Customer Bollinger Bands...

The beauty of a buffet is you can have exactly what you want, how, you want, and how much you want. Achieve buffet level in your trading strategy with the Custom Bollinger Bands Indicator. It offers the ability to find strong breakouts using averages that reveal a safe range to function in but still have everything you want.

The Custom Bollinger Bands Indicator offers you the ability to . . . 

  • Find signals for breakouts so you can jump on opportunities early
  • Customize the time period the average calculates with for a range that fits your parameters
  • Get a range that helps you avoid risky trades
  • Tweak your data with use of any moving average on the framework
  • Compare and max profits when you see three different levels of deviation
  • Try a new view of the same information with a static tick offset
  • Apply the indicator to multiple time frames
  • Use your favorite custom bar types
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Use the Custom Bollinger Bands Indicator to find strong breakouts that bring bigger opportunities and even bigger profits.

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