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MACD Price Divergence

MACD Price Divergence Puts Prime Trades at Your Fingertips

A Tool to Estimate Trend, Reversals, and Momentum for Excellent Profits


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Why you'll love MACD Price Divergence Indicator...

Use MACD price divergence data to estimate trend direction, find potential reversals, and understand where the momentum is taking the market so you can make the best trades.

The MACD Price Divergence Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Calculate the divergence between price and the moving average so you can estimate the trend direction, potential reversals, and momentum
  • See both normal and reversal divergence for more data to inform your decisions
  • Spot changes in the strength, direction, momentum and duration of a trend easily and quickly so you can act on the right opportunities
  • View the difference between the MACD line and the MACD signal line to help you make profitable decisions on your trades
  • Get divergence on both the price bars and the bottom panel so you have two perspectives to keep your strategy fresh
  • Display different types of divergence using four different colors so it's easy to see what the market is doing at a glance
  • Customize different types of divergence shown, customize labels for highs and lows for data output that matters to you and your strategy
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Understand and use trend direction, reversals, and momentum at a glance so you can easily find profitable trades with the MACD price divergence indicator.

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