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News Block

Plot Current Events on Your Chart to Find Big Trades

Start Calculating from the Moment a News Event Happens and Reveal Opportunities with News Block Indicator

Find lucrative opportunities influenced by news events that you can plot right on your chart with this news direction indicator.

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Why you'll love News Block Indicator...

This news direction indicator can help you find stand-out opportunities that show up as a result of current events.

The News Block Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Mark news events on your chart and start calculating from that point so you find lucrative opportunities influenced by news events
  • Calculate and plot reference points you mark on your chart (mean, standard deviations of the mean) and immediately have a framework to manage your trades
  • Effortlessly see where to set entries, targets, and stop losses for max profits
  • Work on any timeframe for a broader strategy and wider profit-taking
  • Find entries and stop losses as they develop and know where reasonable targets go so you can successfully trade with color coded high and low indicators
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Find profitable opportunities influenced by news events and plot them right to your chart so you can start managing your trades immediately in the context of current events with this news direction indicator.

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