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Opening Gap

Take the Mystery Out of Opening Gaps with This Volume Indicator

Calculations that Show You How Opening Gaps Can Influence Your Trading Session

See previous day’s close and current open and how you can profit from the gap between them with this opening gap indicator.

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Why you'll love Opening Gap Indicator...

Take the mystery out of opening gaps with an indicator that calculates for you then shows you how it can influence your trading session for max profit.

The secrets of opening gaps are easily revealed with this opening gap indicator that shows how you can profit from the gap between previous day’s close and current open.

The Opening Gap Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Display opening gap with trade direction so you can plan for the best trade locations in the trading session
  • Customize times to fit your preferred market to carry out your strategy with clarity
  • Use on any chart, timeframe, or any market for max profits in a broader strategy
  • See targets with 50, 70, and 100% fill so you can anticipate entries and exits for healthy net profits
  • Know your next move with at-a-glance market status from color coded charts and simple visual signals of previous close, current open, and gap fill
  • Customize your target percentages to suit your strategy and measure success against yourself
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Determine current gap and how it will influence your trading session for maximum success and profits.

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