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Order Flow Pattern Spotter

Order Flow Trading Indicators Offer 4x the Trades

More Reversal & Continuation Opportunities with Directional Control Patterns

Order flow trading indicators search for four different types of patterns so you have 4x more reversal and continuation opportunities to line your pockets.

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Why you'll love Order Flow Pattern Spotter Indicator...

Get four times the signals, four times the opportunities, and four times the profits with order flow trading indicators that deliver real time pattern signals for the big money.

The Order Flow Pattern Spotter Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Find continuation and reversal opportunities easily with an indicator that looks for four types of directional control patterns
  • See the types of signals (reversal long, reversal short, long momentum, short momentum) marked clearly so you know the right move to make and when to make it
  • Uses real time bid/ask data to detect the true order flow in the market so you know not only the movements of the market but they reasons behind them
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Get more signals and more profits with order flow trading indicators that give you clear real time pattern signals from four types of directional control patterns.

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