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Time Series Forecast (TSF)

TSF Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Locates Profits for Futures Scalping with Moving Average

Easy, Quick, Profitable Trend Opportunities with Time Series Forecast Indicator


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Why you'll love Time Series Forecast Indicator...

Time is of the essence for a diver. Once the oxygen flows and they take the plunge, there’s no time to waste—the clock is ticking before air runs out. The Time Series Forecast Indicator helps you do the same with the trading market. It helps you quickly and easily find profitable trend opportunities without lag so you can make the most of the trend before the opportunity closes.

The Time Series Forecast Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Plot current regression values using the least square fit method, or moving linear regression/LRI with linear regression calculations
  • Calculate the trend of price so you can find the most profitable entrances and exits
  • Eliminate the need for other indicators that replicate moving average output because the TSF Indicator is built on our moving average framework
  • Reduce lag with forecasting the price of the next period with past data
  • Generate signals through crossovers between TSF and a moving average so it’s easy to find favorable conditions
  • See buy/sell signals so you can make the most of a bullish market
  • Flex more options with the features of the moving average framework
  • Apply to multiple time frames for a broader perspective
  • Use your favorite custom bar types for further refined data
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Quickly and easily find profitable trend opportunities without lag to increase your opportunities and profits with the TSF Indicator.

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