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Trade Volume Index (TVI)

Trade Volume Index Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Produces Simple but Well-Supported Futures Swing Trading Price Action

Profitable Results with Sophisticated Data


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Why you'll love Trade Volume Index Indicator...

It’s hard to enjoy a party when there are either too many or not enough people. In the same way the TVI Indicator takes in just the right amount of data to produce simple output from sophisticated price action calculations. Not too much; not too little; big results!

The Trade Volume Index Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • See clear signals with significant moves in the direction of a price trend when substantial price changes and volume occur at the same time
  • Create reliable output with intraday price data in the calculation
  • Follow basic concepts of volume but also include price movements for more sophisticated signals
  • Trade smarter with several trading signals available from the indicator
  • Use the indicator to discover high conviction trading signals when volume supports price change and signals a common sentiment from most investors
  • Leverage the features of the oscillator framework to tweak your outputs
  • Apply to multiple time frames for a wider view of the market
  • Customize your data with your favorite custom bar types
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Find simple but well-supported signals that bring the big wins with the sophisticated data of the Trade Volume Index Indicator.

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