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Trend Line Bounce

Trend Line Bounce Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Offers All the Data for Forex Scalping Leveraging Moving Averages

Gather and Understand Data for Smarter Trades

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Why you'll love Trend Line Bounce...

The more data your fish finder can take in, the closer it can get you to the fish. It’s the same with the Trend Line Bounce Indicator. It helps you gather info on trend direction, price changes, and support and resistance so you can make the best decisions on your investments.

The Trend Line Bounce Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 gives you the ability to . . .

  • Read signals easily when price direction changes with capabilities similar to Super Trend Indicator
  • Improve on the Super Trend Indicator by identifying when touches/breaks of the line are true breaks or when the market is just testing those areas
  • Skip the first touch of the trend line to increase better data output
  • Define the trend direction not just price direction so you take in more info before you make decisions
  • Find support/resistance areas for double protection and smarter trades
  • Select from all the moving average framework features to improve your output
  • Use on any time frame to expand your trading strategy
  • Customize data with your favorite custom bar types
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Understand trend direction, price changes, and support/resistance before making decisions with a single indicator, the Trend Line Bounce Indicator.

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