Iceberg Order Trader

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If you don’t know how institutions use hidden Iceberg Orders to induce and seduce you into following the herd into risky breakouts and retracements… this absolutely could change your results overnight!


Cash In By Using Institutional Traders’ Secret Iceberg Order Tactics Against Them!


Iceberg Order Trader tracks—in real time—where iceberg orders are executed and alerts you as soon as they appear. You’ll know exactly where to place entries and stops. And avoid when institutions try to seduce and induce you into chasing false breakouts and reversals. 


  • The “Iceberg Order Spotter Tool”:  This is the only iceberg order indicator suite designed for day traders. It helps you unlock double, even triple the profit potential of how you trade right now without getting tricked, trapped and blindsided out of your positions by institutional bullies.
  • The “Consensus Spotter Tool”:  The only tool suite ever on NinjaTrader® to show you where other traders are placing their stops. So even if there isn’t an Iceberg Order taking place — you always know the risky stops and targets to avoid. Without sacrificing profits!
  • 3 Iceberg Strategies + 2 Consensus Strategies (step-by-step videos):  These short yet powerful videos you can watch and re-watch, walk you through market replay examples of how to trade Iceberg Orders in the ES, CL, and NQ. As well as how to maximize your profits in ANY market. You get every single time frame, entry signal, stop loss, target and exit rule we use every day.
  • PDF ‘Quick Start’ Guides: The perfect complement to the videos help you see frame-by-frame how to load the tools and start making your first Iceberg Order trade fast. Without messing up what you already do now.
  • BONUS! The Block Order Spotter Tool:  Once you see the ease of Iceberg Orders, you’ll want more. The “Block Order Spotter” indicator protects you from getting fooled by fake block trades in the D.O.M. And allows you to calibrate it to hunt just for block trades that move the market. So you turn institutional block trades into fantastic scalping opportunities.



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