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Event Recording: V.I.P Status and Additional Live Sessions For The Ninjacators 5 Day Trade Setup Workshop 02/07/22

Get ACESS to our V.I.P EVENT RECORDINGS for the Partner Workshop we did with our friends over at No B.S. Trades.

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Get ACCESS to the RECORDINGS of our V.I.P Workshop Sessions! 

This event is over and you will only gain access to the recordings. 

VIP Access

Say "Yes!" and you too will get exclusive access to Craig, Kyle & Matt's 4 LIVE trading sessions Tues-Fri of the workshop...

Where: They'll prepare you and your charts to take what you learned the day before about the 4 high-profit trade setups and... Let you cash in right alongside them in
your favorite markets!

Here's how it works:

Starting on Tuesday morning of the workshop at 7:30am EST, you (along with other workshop V.I.P.s) get to look right over Craig's and Kyle's shoulder as they trade LIVE via Zoom. Until 9:00am EST. 

Then join Matt right after from 9:00am -10:30am EST to see their setups crush it in the real world.

Best Part?

You can go to one or BOTH sessions as part of your V.I.P. experience!  

And we'll record both sessions for you. So you can go back and watch anytime. Or if you can't make one of the LIVE trading sessions.

What makes these LIVE morning sessions with Craig, Kyle & Matt so different?

For starters, they'll take the time to clearly walk you step-by-step through how to prepare yourself and your charts. So you now see, in real-world conditions, how to trade the exact high-profit setup they taught you the day before. 

Not just in one market. But in several. 

From S&P 500/ES, NASDAQ, DOW/YM, Russell/YM, to Gold, to Crude Oil, to 6E futures currencies and more... you'll see time and time again the power of the 2:1 reward-to-risk ratio trading edge built into each high-profit trade setup.

And that's not all...

They'll guide you through the exact price action entry triggers. So you can make live or simulation trades with them. And then continue to cash in on the setup on your own the rest of the day.

As the week goes on, and you start to learn the other 4 high-profit trade setups, you'll watch your confidence quickly grow in these live market condition sessions. 

Your trust in their simplicity blossoms. And you'll likely feel a sense of relief.  

That you finally have trade setups in your arsenal you can trust -- to enter & win with in any conditions.


You also get full video recordings of each session. So if you miss one of these coveted live trading sessions, or just want to go back and watch them later, you can do so anytime you want.

Many students say the peace of mind of having just the recordings in their members area is worth it alone.

And with this special price it's an absolute no-brainer you'll feel the same way too.


Normally 4 Private Sessions With Craig, Kyle & Matt Would Cost You $2,000!

Fortunately, you're not going to pay that today.

Because I want to prove to you that our 4 high-profit trade setups are the most effective indicator-free trade setups you can day trade in your favorite markets... 

And because you've already invested in the trade setup workshop -- Here's what I'm going to do for you today...

So today only, you can upgrade to V.I.P. status and gain access to all 4 LIVE morning trading sessions with Craig, Kyle & Matt for just 1 single payment of...


If you decline this offer, you will not be able to get access to it later on at this price...

So go ahead, click the "Upgrade Me To V.I.P. Status" button below right now. And I'll automatically add the private Zoom link to your members area. And send you reminders before each session.

You'll receive INSTANT V.I.P. ACCESS to the first LIVE trading session on Tuesday morning, when we finish processing your order. And you'll also get the full video recordings posted to your members area after each session. 

So you can be one of the smart traders who start cashing in on the 4 high-profit trade setups:  before you even finish the workshop! With the full peace of mind you can go back and watch anything you missed.

But remember, this is a special one-time offer available for today only, so if you decline this today it's gone forever.

I have no doubt that even before you finish your first LIVE V.I.P. trading session with Craig, Kyle & Matt... you'll be thankful that you clicked the "Upgrade Me To V.I.P. Status" button below now.

And here's the best part...
There is a catch though:

This deal is only available right now, so you need to click the button below to add it to your order...

It Doesn't Even Matter If All You Want To Do Is Just Watch!

Or trade in your simulation account.

You'll have access to Craig, Kyle & Matt to get whatever you need most from your workshop experience. So you can trust the setups in your favorite markets.

You just click the special V.I.P. Zoom link we'll email and text you each morning. 

Then sit back and watch, or open your laptop and get your charts prepared to trade with Craig, Kyle & Matt. So you can spend the rest of your day cashing in on the price action entry triggers they point out for you in the morning.

Combine your live V.I.P. trading sessions with what you'll learn each day in the workshop... and --- you'll be amazed how fast you up-level your skill and confidence with each of the trade setups.

It doesn't matter if... you're brand new to futures or new to trading setups without any indicators -- you'll have the rare privilege of learning from successful traders and teachers. For a fraction of what access to them would normally cost.

Or even if... you just want to take the trades Craig, Kyle & Matt make and call it a day, or just trade in your simulation account. Or not even show up and watch the full video recordings of each session later. On your schedule.

Or if you want to get ambitious... And not only trade with Craig, Kyle & Matt, but take what they show you to cash in on each setup, on your own, all day long. Then come and have us celebrate your winners with you the next day at the workshop.  

Either way...

By upgrading your workshop experience to V.I.P. status you will do two important things for your trading career:

1) Give yourself a remarkable opportunity to rapidly up-level your trade setup skills and ingrain good trading habits you learn in the workshop.


2) Experience the firepower of the four setups' proven trading edge:  in real-world conditions. So you too can leave the workshop with 5, 10, even 40 times more profits than your $97 investment. 

Wouldn't that be something?

So go ahead...

Try It Now With 100% Risk-Free 
Peace Of Mind

30 day love it or replace it guarantee
Anyone can easily put $485, $970, even $3,840 in their pocket before they leave the workshop. By gaining access to Craig, Kyle & Matt's V.I.P. morning and afternoon trading sessions during the workshop.

You've seen how Craig, Kyle & Matt can help you get even quicker, faster results from your workshop experience.

You know that with our 30-Day Love It Or Replace It Guarantee, you are 100% protected and safe.

And you know you won’t be alone -- because Craig, Kyle & Matt are going to guide you every step of the way. From how to prepare yourself, your charts, the price action entries, stops and exits. So you have the fastest way to get what you came to the workshop for.

Plus you'll have the full video recordings of each session. So even if you miss a morning session you have the full peace of mind you can watch anytime you want. 

Your special ZOOM link, reserved only for V.I.P. traders like you, is waiting. 

Go ahead and upgrade now...

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