Ninjacators' Advanced Guide for Automated Trading. Keep reading if YOU…

  • Have been burned by algo botsYou’ve seen, tried and even bought algo bots in the past…
    only to get burned.
  • Don’t believe the hype: You see the YouTubers… You hear about the dazzling results… but you’ve been trading long enough to know better.
  • Are ready to diversifyCurrently trading stocks and/or options and you’re looking for an alternative… especially in this crazy market.
  • Want Passive IncomeSick of being glued to a screen, or a full-time job, but can’t afford to have some evil bot lose it all?

Conquering Crazy Markets with Algo Bots

How to realistically diversify your day trading with automated
systems in a white-knuckle market.

The market is going nuts and the talking heads can’t get enough.

Inflation.  Recession.  Global conflict.

If you’re like most experienced traders… stock and options can be time consuming.  And there isn’t enough Pepto Bismol around for you to start day trading price action.  

Let alone with automated day trading… in futures.

Yet you know there are ways to add another income stream to your trading.

You’ve heard of algo bots… automated trading systems… or whatever fancy term name they’ve come up with.

But you have serious doubts.

For good reason.  Perhaps you’ve been burned.  Or you’ve seen others get burned.

Some $5,000 doo-hicky… specially created by some know-it-all wizz trader… 

Of course it was backtested to oblivion.  Of course it made money (for someone else).  

Naturally, you (or someone) bought in.

Only to have this evil bot turn against you like HAL 9000 in A Space Odyssey… the moment you got it all set up.

Before we go any further, let’s be clear:  Your reasons for looking at algo bots and automated trading systems are legitimate.

The benefits are absolutely real, especially in today’s market.

Machines can simply do what we mere mortals can’t.  And if you have the right system… it does it faster… better… and without emotion.

For experienced traders… algo bots hold a lot of appealing solutions:

  1. Save Time AND Preserve Capital: You have better things to do than chase price action trades… or look for trades… or fret over all the trades you’re probably missing.  And let’s face it, getting out of losing trades is just as hard as fighting the urge not to be greedy.

    The right system isn’t going to whisper ‘let your winners run’... or tell you to follow your gut.  It will quickly and efficiently find qualifying, high-probability trades… get you in… and then get you the HECK out to capture profits and limit your losses.

  2. Ultimate Artificial Intelligence: For some reason, it takes A LOT of losses for humans to become wiser and smarter about trading.  Not the case with algo bots.  High quality algo bots will learn… include data from losing trades and continue to optimize the longer it runs.  

       Backtesting and optimization are two cornerstone benefits that you realize the moment you wade into automated trading.  This is the secret that Wall Street has been sitting on for years, and they quietly use their own bots to take over markets.

  3. REAL Diversification: Day trading futures, especially for traditional stock and options traders presents an immediate opportunity to diversify and boost your trading at the same time.  Sure you’re welcome to stare at more options chains, but let a bot generate trading for you while you do it!

       While you’re trying to determine if a stock or index is going up or down, an algo bot can be aggressively scalping on your behalf… regardless of what the market is doing!

So you’ve heard this all before… but you know it doesn’t exactly work like this.

You don’t just turn on the bot and let the money pour in.

In fact these things come with serious risks.  The kind of unknown, unexpected risks you’ve learned to DEPLORE with trading.

Probably the same risks that have kept you on the fence so far…

  1. System Failure & Complexity: If you’re suppressing nightmares of a Microsoft system error when thinking about algo bots, you’re not alone.  Like anything else, these systems can fail without notice.  And most of the providers that sell them offer absolutely no training or support.

    >> Check not only the track record of the system, but also the history of the company that provides it.  Have they been around for longer than a couple of years?  Do they have live humans that will actually help you?

  2. Unclear System & Trading Rules: They say it makes money.  HOW exactly remains a mystery.  Many providers offer a ‘black box’ solution that is somehow ‘proprietary’.  Just turn it on and pray.  When you watch it run, you have no earthly idea why trades are being entered and exited.  You just see the drawdowns.

    >> Any system that doesn’t explain how exactly trades are triggered… what markets the system excels in… and when to manually intervene is probably going to burn you.

  3. Algo Lemon: You’ve seen it before. The two year-old… Low mileage… ‘just like new’ luxury sedan that is somehow selling for 25% of market price.  Too good to be true.  The same is true with these algo bots, you get what you pay for… and sometimes you’re just paying for marketing - nothing more.

    >> Watch the system in a live environment before you buy.  Live demonstrations that you can watch week in and week out… in CURRENT… REAL market conditions will help you past this.

To be fair… these are the same risks anyone faces with a fancy indicator or system that comes with a hefty price tag.

Many of the above risks can be overcome simply by doing your homework.

So, it’s not as bad as you think it is… it’s actually WORSE.

There’s still one mistake that crushes millions of day traders hoping to succeed with algo-bots.

This mistake has nothing to do with account size or experience level.

In fact, it’s right under your nose… and far more common than you’d think.

Evil Hal:  Why even great bots can still kill your account.

Imagine that you’ve just taken up golf.

An amazing yet maddening sport.  But hey, it gets you outside.

Your wife, husband, partner… whoever bought you a new driver.

You take this thing to the range and do nothing but crush 300 yard drives.

Straight.  Far.  Down the middle of any fairway that you encounter.

Or so you think.

But as you book your first tee time, you realize that you’ll have to hit irons… wedges… and god forbid… you’ll have to putt.

So that’s 10 or so other clubs you have to deal with?

Can’t you just play the whole course with your fancy new driver?

Even if you’re new to golf, you know that sounds crazy.

Yet this is exactly what millions of EXPERIENCED traders do.

They bet that a single bot can do it all.

Somehow it will win way more than it loses.  

Regardless of market conditions.

Regardless of account size.

Just crank out winning weeks, months and even years… just by flipping a switch.

Again, we’re talking about high quality algo bots.  Not junk.

To be clear, these are backtested bots that have been proven to generate profit in the past.

The problem?

It’s VERY unlikely that a single algo-bot will give you the performance you’re looking for… over time… in every market condition.

What’s more likely, is that the bot of your choice will go out and do what it’s programmed to do.  If you bought a ‘driver’ bot (forgive our golf analogy)... it will go out and hit drives.

Long beautiful… 300 yard drives.

But if the market is looking for putts… or short-range shots… 

It will still hit drives.

Until it can’t.  Because your account is cleared.

Or best case scenario… it won’t do anything at all.  It will just sit and wait.

Meanwhile you either lose… or earn nothing.

If you happen to have a special ‘black box’ bot. 

You’ll be in the dark… waiting… or losing.

Or waiting AND losing.

So, the surest, fastest and most painful way to ensure total algo-bot trading destruction? Trade with one black box bot.

It’s easier than you think. 

You see a YouTube ad. Watch a guy trade with his bot and make lots of money. They have the results. They show it trading in a live market.

Seems like you just need to get it up and running.

Millions of traders spend anywhere from $5K - $15K for day trading algo-bots that do exactly that.

And then their accounts are toast. Their day trading career and hopes of generating passive income from a truly diversified source are gone. 


All from a single bot.

Here’s the key:  The solution isn’t to simply buy MORE bots.

That could only serve to compound your problem and accelerate your losses.

You also don’t need to start trading with a bigger account.

That will just mean that you have more money to lose.

To succeed from the start day trading with algo-bots…

You need a system that delivers integrated diversification.

Integrated Diversification:  A Simple Way to Win with Bots

Diversification.  Probably the most misunderstood concept in trading and investing.

Yet it should be simple right?

You buy different assets so that you are not overly exposed when one starts to tank.

Your 401K is supposed to be diversified… so they say.

But buying a bunch of stocks - only to see them ALL tank - doesn’t seem like the kind of ‘diversification’ you had in mind.

We’re with you.

When it comes to diversifying your automated day trading system, we’re talking about a portfolio of bots that work together.

All with one purpose:  To generate cash and scale… in any market.

This means that you..

  •  Don’t just trade with ONE bot… you have a roster to choose from
  •  Create a portfolio of bots… designed for different markets
  •  Have more conservative bots where you keep most of your money
  •  Have more aggressive bots where you  keep less of your money

You should expect that your portfolio of bots is as effective with $1,000 of capital… as it is with $100,000.

It’s absolutely critical that you have the ability to SCALE… WITHOUT increasing your risk.

The key?  You’re bot-folio isn’t just comprised of different bots… it’s comprised of bots that work together.

A system that is both diversified and integrated.

With this approach, here’s how you’d do this…

  1. Assemble a Full Portfolio: An ‘army’ of bots ranging from 5 to several that trade across Equity Index, Energy, Metal, Forex and Specialty Futures Markets. The bots within the portfolio would tap a variety of strategies including counter-trend, continuation, range trades, breakout trades and volume / volatility shifts.

     >> Now you would have a roster of fully diversified automated strategies ready to deploy.

  2. Arrange Portfolios Based on Account Size: Start with a baseline portfolio of bots that can trade anywhere from $1K - $10K daily. You won’t need a ton of bots to accomplish this. Small account portfolios can have as few as 3 bots — as long as they’re the right bots.

    >> A solid portfolio shouldn’t need a lot of capital to be effective. This helps ensure that you’re deploying the right strategies for the right markets — while limiting your risk.

  3. Optimize and Scale Based on Performance: Take your automated day trading system from ZERO to full-time trading by deploying multiple portfolios across larger account sizes.

    >> Building and testing multiple portfolios is best done with live support… in a robot lab… where you can see how different bot strategies are assigned and portfolios built.

If you’re thinking that we left out a few details… such as…

  • Where to find bots that can make up a well-diversified portfolio?

  • How to assemble that portfolio so that it actually generates cash?

  • Oh, and how to scale the portfolio?

Here’s a simple, easy way for anyone to get started.

Fast Track: How to Deploy a Day Trading System Now

If you’ve come this far, and you’re committed to giving automated trading a try… let’s get you started with both a strategy and your first bot.

And let’s do it for FREE.

Perfect for traders that are new to futures… and new to automated trading, the S&P 500 Income Strategizer will get you started with an automated breakout setup that has stood the test of time.

The best part? This tool can be used as an anchor for your growing portfolio of bots that you add in the future. Especially since this strategy is designed to scale.

Specifically it works with smaller accounts, using the Micro E-Mini S&P 500, or for larger accounts, the standard E-Mini S&P 500.

Additionally, you can backtest and optimize this strategy along with others that you deploy.

New to this and need help setting everything up? No worries, we have you covered. You’ll find detailed videos covering everything you need to get up and running in a matter of minutes.

We won’t stop there.

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals of safely getting started with automated trading. And we want to fast-track your path to trading with a portfolio of income-generating bots.

So let us show you how it’s done. 

That’s right, join us for a live weekly event where we’ll show you everything you need to get started with automated trading.

We’ll show you a unique proven way — anyone can use — to go from zero to full-time trading.

Without the fear that the bots will lose it all!

Even more… you’ll see 45 fully automated algo-bots that can be used to generate trades — even in today’s crazy market. 

You’ll see the 10-year track record for each trading strategy… and how you can deploy them in FIVE SMALL ACCOUNT PORTFOLIOS.

In just under an hour, you’ll discover:

  • How to Slash Risk and Boost Profits with Bot-Folios
  • The Zero to Full-Time Trading Action Plan
  • The “Backwardation Certainty” Secret

We hold these events every week for people just like you.

Those that are NEW to automated trading… perhaps NEW to futures trading… and looking to find their way in the automated trading world.

Grab your free S&P Income Strategizer… and then register for the next event and learn how to build an income-generating bot-folio.

Let’s get started together.

To learn more about NinjaTrader, automated trading, Ninjacators indicators and more, check out our FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions:  In case you’re still wondering.

We get it! We’ve helped thousands of traders in your same exact shoes. Here are the questions that frequently come up.

        Again… I have serious doubts about trading with bots… will this really help?

Look at it this way.  Even if you never trade with bots, you’ll come away with a tool and a strategy that you can apply to the rest of your trading.  But we believe this approach will help you get started with confidence… and in an extremely cost-effective… reduced risk way!

       Will I see actual results… including backtesting?

Yes! We’ll show you how the bots have performed over time… and even during the recent run of market volatility. In fact, you’ll see how a portfolio of bots can be deployed to deliver optimized results for the very market conditions we’re facing.

      Do you guys actually trade with these bots?

Of course we do! And we’ll show you exactly how we use the bots ourselves. Once you sign up for the full program, you’ll be able to work directly with traders that use these bots every day.

      Can I use this with a smaller account?

You can! You won’t need a massive account to see the results, or to enjoy the diverse strategies that this system offers.

     Do I need a special computer?

Not likely. For most day traders working with multiple bots, your current computer will most likely work just fine.


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