Automated Futures Trading for Beginners

  • Are Just Getting Started: Not sure where to begin with automated day trading systems? Or if this is even right for you?
  • Just Saw a Trading Bot on YouTubeSome guy has a zillion followers and is making a mint… is the hype real?
  • Trade Stocks and/or Options: Futures are new to you and you’d like to diversify?
  • Want Safe Passive IncomeSick of being glued to a screen, or a full-time job, but can’t afford to have some evil bot lose it all?

Zero To Income Hero With Algo-Bots
How anyone can start day trading futures safely with fully automated trading systems.

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Future financial technology controlled by AI robot using machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze business data and give advice on investment and trading decision . 3D illustration .

If you believe algo-bots may have potential to help your day trading… but have no earthly idea where to start… You are not alone.

Especially if you’re currently focused on day trading stock or even options.

Automated trading systems for futures seem to be flooding the market.

But for you, algo-bots… or automated trading systems… are like any other ‘new thing’ that blows into town.

Sure, there seems to be exciting potential.Along with tons of hype… big promises… not to mention hefty price tags.

Every time there's a new algo-bot , it’s like the opening of a new restaurant.  

Everyone claims it’s amazing. You’re missing out if you don’t try it.

You can replace the restaurant's promise of ‘urban fusion locally farmed blah blah blah’… With ‘backtested automated day trading profits’.

And what’s not to like about “automated day trading profits”? 

Especially if they come faster and easier than waiting on a stodgy stock to rocket… or an options contract to expire?

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3D image concept of software (Robot Trading System) used in the stock market that automatically submits trades to an exchange without any human interventions. A robot hand counting money in graph form on the rise. Depth of field with focus on the gold coin on the fingers.

The Benefits of Automated Futures Trading

For traders at all levels, the benefits are impossible to overlook:

  1. Time Savings & Efficiency:  Who really wants to be glued to a screen… chasing down some price action pattern for even for a minute… let alone hours? You’ll likely miss more trades than you actually make. And the trades you are making… are you really faster and more accurate than a computer algorithm?

        With the right system, you can simply have the work done for you. Making more winning trades than you can humanly spot on your own. Best of all, the system will have you in and out of a trade in a matter of minutes… almost always before market close.  

  1. Removal of Emotional
    Barriers to Profit: 
    Immediately remove the number one cause that leads to massive losses - human emotion. An automated system doesn’t get excited… depressed… anxious… or second-guess itself. It just trades.
Robot analyzing market results

3d rendering humanoid robot analyze stock market

     Now the fear that leads to late, losing entries is removed. The anguish of hoping for losers to turn around is gone. Also, the unbridled euphoria that winning trades creates (which leads to more losses) is removed… and managed by a machine.

  1. Backtesting & Optimization: For humans, the scars from past losing trades don’t usually lead to more winning trades and a better system. They usually result in more losing trades. For an automated algo-bot , the losses should be making the system smarter.

    Good systems allow you to backtest and optimize, leading to more winners and greater consistency in your profit performance.

  1. Ultimate Diversification: Who doesn’t want an additional stream of income? Especially if you’re tied to stocks and options or can only focus on a handful of futures markets. algo-bots scan, analyze and enter where you can’t… more importantly where you aren't.

     In an instant you can diversify your current trading without a lot of additional work… and get paid for your diversification.

  1. Speed: Instead of waiting and hoping to get filled, or praying over your limit order while watching an options chain go nuts — you’re simply entered by the system. And fast. Usually for better pricing. And the second the algo-bot wants to exit? You’re out.

   Gone are the days of waiting to get filled or dealing with the latency of missed signals or alerts.

The Risks of Automated Trading Systems

But don’t they all claim to do this?

For sure. Most, if not all algo-bot day trading systems claim to be proven… fully backtested. 

And of course ‘incredibly easy to use’. You just turn it on and let the money roll in. 

Really? Does it work like that?

If you’ve been day trading anything for any period of time — including those of you that are just getting started…

You know it never works like that.

These systems can come with some serious risks:

  1. Prone to Failure: These systems are no different from any other technology that you’ll buy. They can break, malfunction and/or outright fail when you least expect it. Or worse, when you can afford a failure least — in the middle of a cash position. Even worse, many systems offer zero support, zero training, and zero money back.

Man dejected by trading failures

There's a very specific reason traders TRY and FAIL with algo-bots!

  1. Complex & Hard to Use: The complex black box that somehow does nothing but turn out winning trades… often turns out to be nothing more than… complex. No one really knows why the algo-bot  picks the trades that it executes… and skips others. You’re just expected to hand over your account and hope for the best.

  1. Outright Fraud: Horrifying but true. You get charged for a Porsche and you end up with a broken wheelbarrow. The system doesn’t do what they say it does. It isn’t backtested. And it’s just a bunch of flashing lights that fires off trades and exits with no hope whatsoever of generating a profit. 

Chilling, but very real risks.

Here’s the good news: The above risks can be mitigated simply by doing your homework on any automated day trading or algo-bot provider you’re considering.

The bad news?

There’s still one mistake that crushes millions of day traders hoping to succeed with algo-bots.

This mistake has nothing to do with account size or experience level.

In fact, it’s right under your nose… and far more common than you’d think.

Death By Bot: Why Most Beginners Fail With Algo-Bots

Imagine that your favorite food truck is now opening a fancy new bistro. 

Just like a flashy new algo-bot, everyone is talking about it.

Sure, it sounds amazing. 

But can the guy that made the perfect gyro or reuben on a random Thursday for lunch… actually run an award-winning bistro?

Just serving that same gyro or reuben? Day in and day out? 

Maybe not? Probably not. Sorry.

Yet, the same exact gamble is effectively made by millions of traders heading into any market with their carefully chosen (and very expensive) algo-bot.

They’re betting that a single bot can do it all.

Win consistently.

Almost never lose.

In any market condition. 

And turn their small account into a money machine.

Robot jumping through digital world

Jumping 3D humanoid robot metaverse smart city digital world background, AI artificial intelligence automated digital technology concept,

Not likely.

And it’s not at all to say that the day trading algo-bot of your dreams CAN’T perform well in the right market… on any given day.

It’s just highly unlikely that a single algo-bot will perform consistently in every market condition you’ll encounter.

What’s more likely, is that the bot will go out and do what it’s programmed to do… making amazing ‘gyro trades’. If the market changes, and isn’t in the mood for ‘gyros’, you’ll lose.

If the bot is aggressive… You’ll lose fast.

If the bot is a “black box” and you don’t know how it works…

You’ll lose fast without knowing what even went wrong in the first place.

So, the surest, fastest and most painful way to ensure total algo-bot trading destruction? Trade with one black box bot.

It’s easier than you think. 

You see a YouTube ad. Watch a guy trade with his bot and make lots of money. They have the results. They show it trading in a live market.

Seems like you just need to get it up and running.

Millions of traders spend anywhere from $5K - $15K for day trading algo-bots that do exactly that.

And then their accounts are toast. Their day trading career and hopes of generating passive income from a truly diversified source are gone. 


All from a single bot.

Here’s the key:  The solution isn’t to simply buy MORE bots.

That could only serve to compound your problem and accelerate your losses.

You also don’t need to start trading with a bigger account.

That will just mean that you have more money to lose.

To succeed from the start day trading with algo-bots…

Simply tear a page out of Warren Buffett’s book.

Warren Buffett's Ideal Bot: A Simple System Anyone Can Use

For over 80 years, Warren Buffet’s investing ambitions haven’t really been that different from your day trading algo-bot goals.

His portfolio of companies generate cash that can scale.

Portfolio. Generate Cash. Scale.

If he traded with an algo-bot for futures, you can bet that he would…

    NOT trade with just one bot… he’d trade with several

    Create a portfolio of bots… designed for different markets

    Have more conservative bots where he’d keep most of his money

    Have more aggressive bots where he’d keep less of his money

Above all, he would expect that his portfolio of bots worked with $1,000 of capital… the same way it worked with $1,000,000.

The ability to scale without increasing risk would be critical.

The same exact approach applies to day trading with algo-bots.

You need a portfolio. A system that works together.

That system should generate cash from the outset.

And you should be able to scale.

With the ‘Buffett Bot’ approach to automated day trading you would…
  1. Assemble a Full Portfolio: An ‘army’ of bots ranging from 5 to several that trade across Equity Index, Energy, Metal, Forex and Specialty Futures Markets. The bots within the portfolio would tap a variety of strategies including counter-trend, continuation, range trades, breakout trades and volume / volatility shifts.

Line of robots on laptops

Four Robots working with laptop. 3D illustration

     Now you would have a roster of fully diversified automated strategies ready to deploy.

  1. Arrange Portfolios Based on Account Size: Start with a baseline portfolio of bots that can trade anywhere from $1K - $10K daily. You won’t need a ton of bots to accomplish this. Small account portfolios can have as few as 3 bots — as long as they’re the right bots.

   A solid portfolio shouldn’t need a lot of capital to be effective. This helps ensure that you’re deploying the right strategies for the right markets — while limiting your risk.

  1. Optimize and Scale Based on Performance: Take your automated day trading system from ZERO to full-time income by deploying multiple portfolios across larger account sizes.

     Building and testing multiple portfolios is best done with live support… in a robot lab… where you can see how different bot strategies are assigned and portfolios built.

It seems that the ‘Buffet Bot’ approach leaves out a few details…

Where to find bots that can make up a well-diversified portfolio.

How to assemble that portfolio so that it actually generates cash.

Oh, and how to scale the portfolio.

Here’s a simple, easy way for anyone to get started.

Fast Track:  How Anyone Can Deploy A Day Trading System

If you’ve come this far, and you’re committed to giving automated trading a try… let’s get you started with both a strategy and your first bot.

And let’s do it for FREE.

Perfect for traders that are new to futures… and new to automated trading, the S&P 500 Income Strategizer will get you started with an automated breakout setup that has stood the test of time.

The best part? This tool can be used as an anchor for your growing portfolio of bots that you add in the future. Especially since this strategy is designed to scale.

Specifically it works with smaller accounts, using the Micro E-Mini S&P 500, or for larger accounts, the standard E-Mini S&P 500.

Additionally, you can backtest and optimize this strategy along with others that you deploy.

New to this and need help setting everything up? No worries, we have you covered. You’ll find detailed videos covering everything you need to get up and running in a matter of minutes.

We won’t stop there.

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals of safely getting started with automated trading. And we want to fast-track your path to trading with a portfolio of income-generating bots.

So let us show you how it’s done. 

That’s right, join us for a live weekly event where we’ll show you everything you need to get started with automated trading.

We’ll show you a unique proven way — anyone can use — to go from zero to full-time income.

Without the fear that the bots will lose it all!

Even more… you’ll see 45 fully automated algo-bots that can be used to generate income — even in today’s crazy market.

Man standing on road connected to dozens of highways

Scale your trading from a part-time to a FULL-TIME income with your own personalized automated trading portfolio!

You’ll see the 10-year track record for each trading strategy… and how you can deploy them in FIVE SMALL ACCOUNT PORTFOLIOS.

In just under an hour, you’ll discover:

     How to Slash Risk and Boost Profits with Bot-Folios

     The Zero to Full-Time Income Action Plan

     The “Backwardation Certainty” Secret

We hold these events every week for people just like you.

Those that are NEW to automated trading… perhaps NEW to futures trading… and looking to find their way in the automated trading world.

Grab your free S&P Income Strategizer… and then register for the next event and learn how to build an income-generating bot-folio.

Let’s get started together.

Automated Futures Trading FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:  In case you’re still wondering.

We get it! We’ve helped thousands of traders in your same exact shoes. Here are the questions that frequently come up.

Again… I know nothing about trading with robots… is this for me?
Absolutely! The robots within this automated trading system are hard-wired to do all of the hard, emotional parts of trading for you. Your job will be to flip them on a few minutes before the market opens, and then standby and let them farm profits for you!

Will I see actual results… including backtesting?
Yes! We’ll show you how the bots have performed over time… and even during the recent run of market volatility. In fact, you’ll see how a portfolio of bots can be deployed to deliver optimized results for the very market conditions we’re facing.

Do you guys actually trade with these bots?
Of course we do! And we’ll show you exactly how we use the bots ourselves. Once you sign up for the full program, you’ll be able to work directly with traders that use these bots every day.

Can I use this with a smaller account?
You can! You won’t need a massive account to see the results, or to enjoy the diverse strategies that this system offers.

Do I need a special computer?
Not likely. For most day traders working with multiple bots, your current computer will most likely work just fine.

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