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Maximizing The Power Of NinjaTrader® With Two Amazing Tools

NinjaTrader®:  It’s fast and nimble enough to compete in a Formula One race. Yet strong enough to tow a semi trailer… 

And somehow, it’s still affordable… so pretty much anyone can access it.

There’s way more waiting for you under the hood with NinjaTrader® than anyone realizes!

You’d almost think that we’re talking about the world’s greatest truck or car…

No, we’re talking NinjaTrader®. A tool that brings raw trading power straight to the desktops of everyday traders around the world.  

Despite this, for most traders the real capability of NinjaTrader® remains completely untapped.

That’s right. Untapped. Unused.  

Like driving a Ferrari under 20 miles an hour… everywhere you go.

Here are two tools you can use now to maximize the power of NinjaTrader®… and transform your trading in the process.

Supply & Demand Zones:  Confirm Reversal Points With More Data And Confidence

Instead of eyeballing support and resistance… you can put firm entry points on buy and sell zones.   

Thanks to vast historical trade and block volume stored in NinjaTrader®, you can plot extreme supply or demand zones right on any chart.  

This means that you’ll never have to look at NinjaTrader® 's Market Depth to guess market interest using price.

Once you have them, these zones are impossible to miss. They can be adjusted to match your risk tolerance. Meaning you can simply choose to trade only the most extreme zones.

Supply and Demand Zones work in any time frame and/or instrument. NinjaTrader® even lets you set target zones that automatically trigger a trade once price touches.

Trading without Supply and Demand zones presents two challenges:

  1. Unused NinjaTrader® Data:  Critical historical data, especially related to prior institutional block trades, goes completely unused.

  2. Time-Wasting Alternatives:  Attempting to piece together your own zones through oscillators prone to false entry points is too cumbersome… not to mention unnecessary.

>> Supply & Demand Zones:  How to take advantage of extreme reversal points..

With historical Supply and Demand Zones added to your chart, you can now stalk real-time buy/sell activity with confidence.

Real-Time Price Pressure:  Never Enter Without Knowing Who’s Really In Charge

Imagine knowing exactly what’s going on inside any NinjaTrader® candle… between buyers and sellers… as it’s happening.

This means you can spot breakouts and reversals AS THEY EMERGE… allowing you to enter EARLY with the winning side.

Welcome to Order Flow, one of the world’s most powerful trading tools you’ll ever lay eyes on. This technology transforms NinjaTrader®’s Level II Time and Sale data directly to your chart… and INTO candlesticks in real time.

This means no longer relying on lagging, price-based indicators or oscillators which will inevitably be either LATE or WRONG… or BOTH.

Instead of waiting and wondering, you can now see buyers and sellers duke it out in real time. As pressure mounts and one side assumes control… you can ENTER WITH the prevailing side.

Know exactly who is winning in the battle between buyers and sellers so that you can enter EARLY with the winning side!

NinjaTrader® is powerful enough to plot Order Flow directly to your chart, simultaneously with other tools - like Supply and Demand. This means you can add layers of confirmation to your trades.

Trading without Order Flow means that:

  • NinjaTrader® Level II Data Caged:  The very fuel that drives the market and pushes price action will remain unseen and fully sidelined.

  • Late Entries:  Because you’ll be responding to price action alone — likely using price-based indicators — you can expect to be LATE for most of your entries.

>> How to get started with Order Flow in any market.

If you’re completely new to NinjaTrader® and you’re still not sure where to start, we have the perfect guide for you.

Pull the covers back and KNOW what’s happening between buyers and sellers in real time!

Getting Started:  Choosing The NinjaTrader® Tools That Are Right For You

We get it. There are countless tools, indicators and robots out there… all claiming to transform your trading.  

Not just on NinjaTrader®, but on any and every trading platform.  

If you’re trading with a small account, have a limited budget and you're not at all sure if either Supply and Demand or Order Flow is right for you… explore these turnkey strategies.

They ALL are designed to help you achieve consistent trading results with simple, easy-to-use tools.

And they all come with a vital component every trader needs:  Live customer support.    

Our team is standing by. Let’s get started together.

To learn more about NinjaTrader, automated trading, Ninjacators indicators and more, check out our FAQ page.

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  1. Jon Paarlberg

    May 27, 2022 at 11:11 am

    Before reading this article, I spent a really long time (years) finding my favorite setup that works.

    Guess what 2 indicators I found are that I will probably never trade without…

    Supply and Demand and Last Bar Order Flow.

    Yep, this blog article nails it and I have confirmed it with research done in parallel, without prior knowledge, and I came up with the same results.

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