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Tilson IE/2

Tilson IE/2 Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Filters Out Noise for Forex Scalping Using Moving Average

Move Quick on Profitable FX Opportunities with Tilson IE/2 Indicator

Find opportunities without all the noise of fluctuations so you can move quickly on profitable opportunities with the Tilson IE/2 Indicator for NT8.

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Why you'll love Tilson IE/2...

Noisy restaurants aren’t a great place to be if you want to have meaningful conversation with your date. Same goes for the Forex markets. Too much noise on your chart and it’s hard to see the signals you’re looking for. The Tilson IE/2 Indicator filters out noise so it’s easy for you to find profitable opportunities.

The Tilson IE/2 Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 gives you the ability to . . .  

  • Perform better in ranging markets with a moving average that uses linear regression slope for a smoother, more responsive chart
  • Plot curves more gradually than other moving averages so you can see action easily
  • Benefit from smaller lag so you can act on current info
  • Interpret signals quickly with the smoothness of a weighted sum of single, double, and triple EMA
  • Detect end of a trend when price action stays above or below the trend during progression
  • Change close inputs, method SMA, and period length for customized output
  • Use any and all of the features of the moving averages framework
  • Adopt on multiple time frames for an expanded strategy
  • Leverage your favorite custom bar types and filter your data even more
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Drill down on trend reversals and continuations in overbought/oversold conditions for quick and easy trades with the Reaction Signal Indicator.

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