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Volume Delta Histogram

Get the Lay of the Market with Decreased Risk

Futures Scalping (and More) with Volume Delta Indicator

Use this volume delta indicator to know who’s controlling the market and become a more confident and profitable Futures trader.


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Why you'll love Volume Delta Histogram Indicator...

Have you ever tried to get to higher ground because you were lost? Seeing the lay of the land helps you get back on track. The Volume Delta Histogram does the same for your trading. It helps you see who’s in control of the market so you can trade with confidence and decreased risk.

Find out how you can quickly and easily find reversal setups and continuations for an endless supply of great trades.

The Volume Delta Histogram Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Display the net volume up or down (buyers vs. sellers) so you know who’s in control of the market in an easy to see and use format
  • Use up ticks and down ticks to determine the broad view for confident trading in any market including Futures
  • Confirm the chart signal for entries and exits so you can trade with decreased risk
  • NinjaScript ready to expand and automate your strategy
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Easily see who’s in control in the market so you can trade volume confidently with decreased risk.

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