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Volume Delta

Volume Delta Indicator Clarifies Market Sentiment

Volume Delta Values Reveal Big Opportunities for Big Profits

Gain a better understanding of market sentiment with this volume delta indicator. It displays values for each bar so you can find standout trade locations.

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Why you'll love Volume Delta Indicator...

Get a grip on market sentiment with this volume delta indicator. Find the big money trade locations with the help of volume delta values displayed right on your chart.

The Voume Delta Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Display volume delta value (difference between the ask and the bid traded volume) directly on your chart
  • Get helpful cumulative volume delta counts in a separate panel below the price bars to look at multiple perspectives of the market at the same time
  • See how contracts are switching hands with simple negative and positive numbers displayed over each bar
  • Works in real time or as a market replay so you have current data
  • Customize so you can see trend shifts easily or get audio alerts so you’re immediately notified of opportunities
  • Works on any timeframe, chart, or market
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Determine market sentiment with the help of this volume delta indicator that displays values over each bar so you can identify the right opportunities and act on them right away.

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