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Support & Resistance

Ever bought on support and sold on resistance, and the moment you entered the trade, you lost money? You need better indicators!

Where will the market turn? Not sure where the potential is for the market stop, and even reverse? Then you need support and resistance indicators.

Support and Resistance are two technical terms which identify areas where the market is likely stop or even reverse its current direction. Here at Ninjacators.com we have a swath of traditional support and resistance indicators, as well as new cutting edge indicators you won't find anywhere else.


Trend Indicators

We've all heard it before "the trend is your friend," but which way is the trend? And the trend is only your friend until it stops - then it's your ENEMY!

Our Trend Indicators will help you identify the direction and strength of trends, and help identify when trends are likely to stop, or even reverse - getting you out of your winning trades on time!


Momentum Indicators

Its commonly known momentum is when the buying or selling conviction in a market is heavily one sided. This is what provides the "force" to keep the market moving in the direction it's moving. But when is momentum moving in your direction? Trading a trend without momentum is like getting stuck in a game of musical chairs...

Our momentum indicators will help you identify when momentum will help you, and when it will hurt you. When you should stay in a trade to participate in a larger move, or when you should exit a trade that is likely to turn in an unfavorable direction.


Signal Indicators

Do you know when to enter and exit a trade? To become a profitable trader, you MUST identify when to get in and out of the market.

If you're looking for high quality signals (areas to enter and exit), we have the indicators you need, and they're all $97.

We dare you to find better trading-signal indicators than you'll find here.


Smart Tools

Smart tools are tools that just makes thing easier. "Work smart not hard" as the old cliche goes.

Every want to draw a line on the chart, or restore your workspace to its original position, maybe organize a workspace?

Or maybe you want to view multiple markets in one window, or just look at your equity curve without running a report? Switch timeframes quickly?

Smart tools will help you do it all and more!


Volume Indicators

"Put your money where your mouth is" This is what the market does every day with volume. There is no more truth to the market's conviction than volume, because that is where traders are putting their money on the line. But how do you interpret that volume? When should volume be high and when should it be low?

Our indicators will help you answer those questions quickly, so you can spend time thinking about how to position yourself to profit.


Price Action

Price is important because price doesn't lie. But how is the current price related to previous prices? Is there a relationship, and if so, what does it mean?

Does it mean the current price is too high, or the current price is too low?

Answering these questions in trading can give you the edge you need to make profitable trading decisions. And our indicators help you do just that - make profitable trades!


Volatility Indicators

Volatility can be the friend or the enemy of a trader. The more volatility a market experiences, the more money is changing hands.

Volatility is your friend when it's on your side, and your enemy when not.

Our proprietary volatility indicators will help keep the volatility of the market on your side.


New Release

As #1 Source for NinjaTrader indicators we expand our product range of pro grade indicators and real world trading methods on a regular basis.

We know it is not easy to keep updated with all new indicators releases, that´s why we designed this category just for you.

Now: Click the “See The Indicators” button to the right and brows the new release list to stay updated about the newest add ones specially designed to help you make your trading career easier and more profitable.



Indicator Bundles

Are you missing great trading opportunities by hunting and pecking for individual indicators? These bundles group together the perfect sets of indicator by trading type and trading style. The indicators work together seamlessly.

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Want to see what the competition is using? Take at look at the indicators our customers have voted the best indicators for trading.

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